21 March 2017

Beauty | Faux Cils

Hey there,

I think it's safe to say, that pretty much every girl out there, is on the hunt for the best mascara, right? And even when you think you've found it, you still continue buying others, in the hope they could be even better! I know I definitely have a handful of mascaras I swear by, but will you always find them in my make up bag?... Probably not. I have a habit of wanting to try new things, and getting completely sucked in by packaging, social media, other beauty bloggers and so on, so I just struggle to remain loyal at times, probably at all time, (Maybe it's just the beauty blogger in me).

Recently I made a pretty big splurge on mascara, probably the most I've ever spent and will ever spend on mascara. But do you know what. It is seriously worth every penny. And I'm already racking up the reasons and justifications as to why I can and should continue buying it.

I used to look at a £20 mascara and think that was a little luxury, but this time round I've spent £36 and I'm feeling a lot of luxury. (you can even buy it with some extra magic in it at £60).

The Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara, lengthens my lashes, builds volume, (with out clump), gives me that strong lash look and it NEVER falls down my face, (Deserves a round of applause for just that). The wand applicator is a dream, the formula is beautiful and I'm just overall loving my lashes at the moment! There's a lot of product in the tube, so even after a few weeks of use I'm not seeing it dry out yet. The only downside to the mascara, is that the product can build up at the top, so when you screw the lid back on, mascara tends to gets everywhere. Now I'm aware of the problem, it doesn't happen, as I've learned a little trick to get the lid back on minus the mess. So I'm all over this mascara at the moment!

What's your current go to mascara?

Lots of Love,
KB xx

13 March 2017

Beauty | Covering up Weekend Antics and Sleepless Nights

Hey There,

When it comes to concealer I've always gone for a more heavy duty pile up. Having been very break out prone in the past, I think it's just become more natural for me to opt for that extra security blanket when it comes to concealing. As I've aged, (Oh the joys), my skins become less break out prone, but I'm definitely looking more haggered. Those dark circles have become a more permanent feature, and that grey London smog, has set up camp on my face.

The Eve LOM concealer has been amazing at covering up the weekends antics, sleepless nights, and some of that London lifestyle. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage, (Light to medium to be exact), with the added benefit of caffiene, (which I feel like I'm sponsored by on the daily). White Tea to protect and work as an antioxidant, (ideal for city lovers like me). Plus a few Vitamins, and Berry Flux to hydrate.

The pump and brush applicator make it the perfect handbag accessory and I can reapply (if necessary) on the go in less than 30 seconds. Ideal!! The way I like to describe it, is that perfect balance between the YsL touch eclat and your NARS creamy concealer. It is so lightweight in its feel on the under eye, you barely feel like you are wearing anything. And I don't feel as bad about forgetting my eye cream in the mornings because of the added skincare benefits. It illuminates, treats and conceals. Perfect!

What's your 'go to' cover up?

Lots of love,


5 March 2017

Lifestyle | Goal Mapping

Hey There,

I'm not sure about you, but when I feel like I've got my shit together, I literally feel like I can take on the world. The energy and buzz is contagious, (Literally) The days I stick to my 6am wake up call, I often achieve more in the first 2 hours, than I do in a whole 24 hours on my 'self destructive' days, (Which I will explain, if you continue reading)...

Yes, it's not great waking up to an alarm, (It's actually the worse noise EVER), but I'm starting to see a shift in that 'living for a day off', mindset, that so many of us have! It's not that I've stopped loving my lazy mornings, late brunches, late night drinking sessions, as I bloody do! And I still dream of a life of leisure, but while I'm still mid dreaming, I'm trying to enjoy that Monday to Friday work life, and absolutely smashing it while I'm at it.

I'm not sure if it was the three week break from my routine life, the fact I was on the other side of the world, or just the effect the Australian lifestyle had on me, but the shift definitely first happened whilst loving life in Melbourne. My mum kept saying to me, 'you will feel differently after Australia'. And I kinda get what she meant now, it's just hard to explain.

A little shift in my habits, (Even the little things), some goal setting and 'my' success in focus, (Less of that, giving a shit about what everyone else is doing bullshit). I've actually kinda taught myself to be a bit more of a morning person, and a Monday morning person at that. (Let's just be clear, this is not the case every morning, I am only human). To be honest, I was pretty sick of my 'self destructive' days, which annoyingly I still get now and then, (Just pulled myself back out of a 7 day bender), and by 'self destructive', I mean, I am my own worst enemy. I'm negative about everything and anything, moody unless fed, and only happy to be fed by sugar, which then kicks in another great mood, feeling shit about myself, my body, my job, my money. Anything basically. And all because in reality I don't feel in control, and I'm not thinking logically. Take myself out that situation. Think logically. Put some gratitude and perspective on things. Maybe a rant on the phone to mother, and Im back to myself again. (Sound similar or am I a little crazy?)

And the funny thing is, none of this happens when I get up and go, get up and do!!

Since landing back in the U.K, I've been so on it with goal setting, not even long term, but monthly, weekly and daily goals. Not all achieved, but all set and in focus. I'll literally right them down anywhere, but now I'm trying out this new thing called 'Goal Mapping'. Something which links well to a 'self help' book I've read recently, (As I like to call them). Which enables you to set goals in each area of your life, so that your life is completely balanced. It's not just career, career, career, or money, money, money, but important areas like health, and friends and family.

I thought I'd share the one I've mapped out for March. Would love to know your thoughts, or how you goal set?

Lots of love,

My Goal Map

Friends and family
Celebrate moving in to the new place with friends
Visit friends in Wales
Dinner with family

Find new follow up audio book from 'To Sell is Human'
Set up spreadsheets to track and monitor work
Plan an event in store

Plan sisters hen do
Book a summer holiday
Night out with friends

Workout in the gym or at home 3x a week
Yoga 2x a week
Cut down on sugar intake

Self care
Meditate at night before bed
Turn off phone hour before bed
Treat yourself to a body treatment, and have a zen weekend

Budget for the month so I have money at the end of the month
Apply a 3 day rule to making purchases
Put money in to savings and keep it there

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