31 March 2016

Sensio Spa | Deep Pore Cleanser

Hey there,

Back towards the end of last year, I was invited out for breakfast with Sensio Spa, to talk all things skincare! Indulge in some wonderful food and find out more about the new Sensio spa at home gadgets. (see my blog post here). When it comes to skincare gadgets, I'm always asking a lot of questions, getting all excited about what they could do for my skin, (I guess it comes with the beauty therapist territory)... And the blogger life!

I am forever stressing the importance of good skincare! Cleansing and hydrating my skin morning and night is something I always make time for. Even on those drunken nights I manage to scrub my make up off, (now that's commitment).

The two items that really caught my attention at the breakfast morning, were the facial steamer, (something I never do, yet is so amazing for the skin) and the deep pore cleanser...

Since moving to London, (and those lovely tube journeys becoming a regular thing) my skin seems more congested and generally just dull, (going to thank the northern line for that)!! I was given the *deep pore cleanser to test and try. Being told it was gentle enough to use everyday, (but if I told you I had been using it everyday, I would be lieing).

At first, I had full intentions of using it everyday, and my ritual lasted for about a week! But the fact is, I just can't be bothered to use it that often, (at least I'm honest). I usually pick it up once or twice a week, (during a 'pamper sesh') and therefore spend a little longer with it, than I probably would make time for on a daily basis. When I have actually used the gadget, I definitely notice my skin looking fresher and clearer. Usually following it with a mask, and face cream to really have a full on pamper moment.

The deep pore cleanser has silicon brushes, all in different sizes to target different congestion zones of the face. The front brushes are for normal or sensitive skin, while the tip should be used for the t zone, eyes and nose, and the back brushes for oily skin types. I tend to use mine all over the face, concentrating more on my chin and cheeks, using circular motions. You can even up the tempo of the vibrations, but I tend to keep mine on a low setting. The great thing about the cleanser is that it is small, compact, waterproof and easy to use, (one that can fit in the travel bag too).

Do you use any skincare gadgets at home?

Lots of love,



  1. This reminds me so much of the Foreo brushes!

    Great review, lovely, I'd love to try it sometime. I currently use my Clarisonic Mia 2!

    1. I would love to try the Clarisonic, its quite expensive though. I like the sound of their body one. Not sure if I would be too lazy to use it. KBxx

  2. This does look so much like my Foreo which I absolutely love an d adore, I just wonder if it is as good x

    1. Sounds like Im the only one that hasnt tried Foreo haha. KBxx

  3. I have seen these kind of skincare gadgets around, but have yet to try. I'm owning a Clarisonic, which I love x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. I really want to try the Clarisonic. KBxx

  4. I have my olay brush cleanser which I absolutely love. It just took my skincare routine to next level. Very affordable and effective.


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