20 April 2016

Clarins Boosters

Hey there,

When it comes to new skincare launches, I'm like a kid at Christmas. Although I love make up, I love skincare that little bit more, I'm a complete product junkie, (Literally, I am slightly obsessed). And I'm interested in anything that will give my skin a boost.

When I first heard Clarins were bringing out these skincare boosters, (Which launched Sunday 17th April FYI) I knew I would want all three. I'm in love with pretty much ALL of their skincare, being introduced to their moisturisers as a teenager, having a mother who bangs on about how great they are, (Don't get her started on the Double Serum), and having worked with their products for the past year.

Being a 25 year old, city worker, juggling long shifts, late nights, balancing my diet with coffee, gin, chocolate, as well as claiming to be on a diet most days, and of course just burning the candle at both ends. The Clarins Energy Booster was a definite for me. I love Ginseng products, and have raved about the benefits of Ginseng in the past, so I was happy to see it as the main feature of the Clarins Energy Booster. I have been using mine for over a week now, and I have noticed my skin looking more revived, (Well let's just say I look less like crap at the end of a shift). I haven't used it everyday, (Although tempted too), as the Clarins Boosters have been designed for temporary skin concerns, you know when life just throws a little too much at you!

Ideally, we need all three in our lives, as who's skin doesn't need a bit of energy at times, some repair or a detox? (I know the detox one will come in handy after my weekend binges). You simply mix the Booster in with your moisturiser (3-5drops), all dependant on which one you need for that day, (Easy).

Energy - Helps to minimise that fatigued look in the skin, reenergise and revive.
Detox - Detoxify, plump and boost some radiance in to the skin.
Repair - Helps to strengthen the skin, reduce redness and comfort.

Have you got your hands on the Clarins Boosters yet?

Lots of love,



  1. Now these sound like something my skin needs and especially Detox! I wonder if they are suited to male skin,

    1. Definitely suited for male skin too, I think detox will be the next one I get.

  2. I think they all sound quite good, ive never really got along with Clarins skincare, ive found it in the past, to be quite drying on my skin x

  3. I have never tried their skincare, but I have heard so many great things. I would like to try the detox one x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. I have a sample of the detox one and I love it. Definitely need some of that for living in london. X

  4. Replies
    1. I literally need all 3 now, they are so good!! xx

  5. They all sound amazing - I'm really trying to work on my skincare

    Leanne | www.oohsimplething.blogspot.co.uk


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