26 May 2016

My Sunshine Essentials

Hey there,

Hands up if you got excited by the brief heat wave the other weekend but then started panicking about not being summer ready? As I write this, it's actually raining, (funnily enough). And yes, those couple days of beautiful sunshine and heat was amazing, but it did slightly send me in to panic mode. I've recently done a couple HUGE wardrobe clear outs, which happened to consists of most my summer items, (that I am now kicking myself over), and well, my bikini diet mission, (I've apparently been on since Christmas FYI) has clearly not been working and my legs just aren't ready for that kinda sunshine commitment...yet!!

The thought of sunshine has definitely been making me reach for the fake tan more, (nothing better than a golden glow, right?) I've been loving Clarins new milky tan lotion, it smells great, (Less biscuity than normal tans, although I admit I do quite like the biscuit scent) it's so lightweight, but super hydrating! And the best part is that you can build your glow, so I haven't had to worry about looking too tangoed at the first sign of sun.

My make up bags had a little revamp too, switching up for more neutral, pink and peachy tones. Grabbing at the Bronzers and the highlighters of course, (not that I ever put these down). I have been absolutely rinsing my Next beauty simply peach lipstick, it has NOT left my side, or my lips for the past few weeks, and I'm obsessed. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw Lydia E Millen wearing it at the next beauty event, and then when I realised I actually had one in my 'to blog' pile I haven't stopped using it. It's literally the perfect nude peach pink. And as always, MAC soft and gentle is at the top of my highlight pile. And when that suns out, you want to get that highlight right!

And finally, can we just take a moment to appreciate these beautiful Ralph Lauren sunglasses*!! They literally arrived just in time for that mini heat wave, (Great timing sunglassesshop) and I just LOVE the pink tortoise shell! A much more sophisticated frame to my usual go to aviator style, and now I just need the sun to make a reaapearance please!

Lots of love,



  1. Yes!! I love bronzy looks!! I am bathing in my vita liberata self tanner and the body shop brush on bronze

  2. it baffles me I have yet to own mac soft and gentle xxx

  3. Winter has just arrived for us and I already miss summer! I love the MAC old packaging for their mineralize skinfinish!

    ♡ http://kayxcake.blogspot.co.nz

  4. Yes to Bronzers and those sunglasses 😎 I am in love. Great goodies for your summer collection 😍

  5. I also have that Next lipstick and I adore the formula x

  6. I love wearing more peachy tones as well on summer time x

    Pink Frenzy
    Öku Möku

  7. i need those sunglasses! ive never seen pink tortoise shell design before

  8. I love having a bronzy glow all year round! I've had to hold back on the fake tan as I'm going on vacation today - I can't wait to relax in some sunshine haha. Love the sound of the Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion - I bet that paired with Soft and Gentle go perfectly together!

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