18 May 2016

Spa London | Essie Launch Event

Hey there,

A couple weeks ago, (well actually a month) the 19th April to be exact, I attended a beauty blogger brunch at the Spa London in Kensington, to celebrate the launch of Essie gel nails and Spa Londons collab. Anything that involves brunch I'm a fan of, especially when it means socialising with fellow bloggers and getting my nails done... The perfect morning right?

I made a massive mistake skipping out on the spa, as soon as I arrived and was handed a robe and slippers for the day, I knew not having a bikini at hand was a fail. On my next visit, a bikini will be at the top of my list, and an empty diary for the day, (Just peace and relaxation).

Almost straight away I was at the nail station being prepped for my Essie gel manicure, with champagne in hand. I haven't actually ever tried Essie polishes, (I know, bad beauty blogger). But have always admired their range of colourful shades, (Especially those spring pastels) and now that they've launched a gel version I know I will be hooked. The colours are as beautiful as their polishes, which is refreshing to see from a gel collection. I opted for 'on a silver spoon' as a nude grey is my favourite.

With a freshly done manicure, I had my granola before heading back to my London flat, with a gutted realisation of my stupidity in leaving the bikini at home. The gels lasted just over a week, and they'd probably have lasted longer if I wasn't the sort of person that picked at a nail, at the first sign of chipping. Overall I'm impressed by the Essie gel range, and Spa Londons hospitality and facilities, I will definitely be heading back, (with my bikini of course) and indulging in some more luxury treatments.

Lots of love,



  1. Pretty shade, what a a fab spa. Now you know - always carry a bikini aha!

    Sophie x

  2. Such a gorgeous shade, I love a grey mani! Hope you enjoy your trip back to the salon x

  3. Lovin' the color of that gel nail!

    K ♡ http://kayxcake.blogspot.co.nz

  4. This looks like such a pretty shade, so chic ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. The Spa is fabulous having visited it and I adore the shade you had done x


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