14 July 2016

Instant Effects | Lash, Lips and Eyes

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When you get asked to review a lip plumping product, your always a little bit jubious about whether or not it will actually work. But at the same time, super excited, with both fingers crossed, hoping that it is a miracle worker, and that your lips will double in size, (Just give me some of that Kylie Jenner lip already). If fuller lips weren't enough, I've also been testing out the instant lash and instant eye serum too...

The instant effects *instant lip, claims to increase your lips fullness by upto 20% within 2 minutes. And this can apparently last up to 4 days, smoothing out the lips too. Believe me when I say this, I really wish this product did just that, but I'm afraid no such thing happened. (Well at least to my lips anyway). I even had my sister and my flat mates test it out. Judging by the reviews on the IE website, either mines a dodgy product, or my lips just ain't having none of it, as it all seems to be raved about on there! (Please tell me I'm missing something).

My favourite out of the 3 was definitely the *instant effects instant lash. I started using it before my mascara in the morning, but soon changed it to a night time treatment after reading up on the '2 week challenge' (and that's when I started to see a difference). It claims again to increase volume by upto 20% in 2 minutes, and although I didn't see this in that exact timeframe, after a few days I noticed my lashes looking fuller, and they actually lined up in order, (If you know, then you know). My lashes are generally quite long and thick, but I'm one of those girls that loves a false lash, so I'm always looking for a way of lengthening, volumising and thickening my lashes out. As always these types of products do seem to good to be true, and although the difference is only subtle for me, this could be a great little wonder product for those with shorter, more stubborn lashes. And FYI, it doubles up as a great brow tamer.

When an *eye serum tells you it will give your eyes a full nights sleep in just 15 minutes, you think this may just be the best eye serum ever created right? The thing is, I find it really hard to judge how good a eye product actually is, yes I can love the feel, and I can notice the hydration, but the eye area can appear slightly different on a daily basis for me. I know my dark circles love to make an appearance in work and when I have a lovely hangover. Eye products are something I feel a lot of people over look, and actually they are one of the most important fragile areas of the skin to look after. It is hard for me to say whether this serum did wonders for my eyes or not, (I'm not even sure if a before and after photo would help, or justify things), what I can tell you is that it is very refreshing, and comforting around the eyes, and I am pretty happy with it.

What Instant Effect would you be after?

Lots of love,


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  1. You're uber lucky for having great lashes to begin with! The lash effect sounds great for me though, mine are stubborn, straight Asian lashes! Thanks for sharing

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