16 October 2016

Good Proof Brows | Benefit

Hey there,

So I've been trusting Benefit with my brows since 2009, their brow bars are my only go to place, literally. I'm very particular, (and fussy), but their 3 step brow shape is the best! Thinking about it, Benefit have rescued me from a few beauty miss haps, (I can confirm, bronzer does not work as a blusher).

It took me a good couple years to stray away from anything non Benefit beauty related, there's a few staples still in my make up bag. But occasionally I fall back to their counter, and the Benefit way, and wonder why I even wondered elsewhere. On the launch of their impressive new brow range, I was lucky enough to sample the Goof Proof pencil from a Twitter campaign. After being committed to powder and wax kits, I can confirm I have officially been converted back to the pencil! Or should I say, the Goof Proof pencil.

It's a lot softer than pencils I've used in the past, and maybe it's the angle too, but it's so easy and quick to use, I literally love it. And surprisingly the colour seems to be bang on too, for a blondie with dark brows, 02 light was perfect for me!

What's your go to brow product?

Lots of love,

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