21 March 2017

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Hey there,

I think it's safe to say, that pretty much every girl out there, is on the hunt for the best mascara, right? And even when you think you've found it, you still continue buying others, in the hope they could be even better! I know I definitely have a handful of mascaras I swear by, but will you always find them in my make up bag?... Probably not. I have a habit of wanting to try new things, and getting completely sucked in by packaging, social media, other beauty bloggers and so on, so I just struggle to remain loyal at times, probably at all time, (Maybe it's just the beauty blogger in me).

Recently I made a pretty big splurge on mascara, probably the most I've ever spent and will ever spend on mascara. But do you know what. It is seriously worth every penny. And I'm already racking up the reasons and justifications as to why I can and should continue buying it.

I used to look at a £20 mascara and think that was a little luxury, but this time round I've spent £36 and I'm feeling a lot of luxury. (you can even buy it with some extra magic in it at £60).

The Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara, lengthens my lashes, builds volume, (with out clump), gives me that strong lash look and it NEVER falls down my face, (Deserves a round of applause for just that). The wand applicator is a dream, the formula is beautiful and I'm just overall loving my lashes at the moment! There's a lot of product in the tube, so even after a few weeks of use I'm not seeing it dry out yet. The only downside to the mascara, is that the product can build up at the top, so when you screw the lid back on, mascara tends to gets everywhere. Now I'm aware of the problem, it doesn't happen, as I've learned a little trick to get the lid back on minus the mess. So I'm all over this mascara at the moment!

What's your current go to mascara?

Lots of Love,
KB xx

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